Newsletter – Volume 44


Newsletter – Volume 44

April 29, 2024

This Week

Confessions From the Back of the Pen
Meet Kelly...

My wife Carol will tell you that I often have difficulty listening to speakers, because I have strong opinions about how it ‘should be done’. So, when I go to an event I have to talk myself into not putting my critique hat on. I need to sit back and just listen and be open to whatever the Lord might want to say to me through this person’s talk. I was not familiar with Kelly before attending the fundraiser. But when she spoke, I was quickly taken by her clarity and her authenticity. She spoke with great conviction and compassion. Nothing to critique here. Perhaps it is because I sensed that she was a fellow Black Sheep Messenger and she willingly spoke out of the pains of past to be a conduit of hope to others.

“Have you had enough?” Those were the four words I heard deep in my spirit, and they were the turning point in my life.

For 15 years, I had been running from the Lord, desperate to fill the hurting places in my heart with men, drugs, and every other kind of coping mechanism. But after nearly losing my life in a violent domestic fight, I came to a place of surrender to the question that became a refrain that moved my soul to a place of repentance. But it wasn’t easy because I felt such guilt. “God, you know the things I have done!” And as clearly as I have ever heard anything he replied, “Yes Kelly, but if you follow me, I will make beauty from the ashes.”

My story covers so many difficult and painful memories. Child molestation, raped as a teen, several abortions, drug dealing, eating disorders, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, and even working at the clinic where I had my first abortion. But I have witnessed the truth of God’s promise. Beauty triumphs from the ashes, and my testimony is how God can clean all the dirty parts of a painful life story and make it brand new.

I am now a wife and mother of six children. And I love to share my story to give hope to those in the most desperate situations assuring them that God really can save anybody.

Kelly is currently a client advocate for LoveLine Ministries. She works in Outreach and Government Engagement for And Then There Were None and Pro Love Ministries, and a board member for Village Ansanm: Living Stones Ministries.

Word of the Week


Noun:  A path (often marked) where something (as a street stream, or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other.

We may not always feel it, maybe especially when things are hard. But there is something good ahead for us. It’s on the other side, beyond what we know right now.

We may be familiar with the promises, but this hoped for future requires a willingness to move forward; to continue walking and to not let fear or doubt or false humility get the best of us.  Truth is that there is something about the status quo that is comfortable and easy. We are familiar with the rules and our role.  But we also long for something more.  We were made for it.  We know it – or at least we hope it!  So, let us muster up our courage and by his grace determine to go for it.  Crossover!

A Book I Am Reading

Keto for Cancer

Review: “Kalamian’s exemplary achievement brings clarity to this emerging science and makes implementation of this information straight-forward and uncomplicated.” Dr. David Permutter

One of the things that has always baffled me from the outset of my cancer journey is the reluctance of my oncologists and urologists to give any credence to the value of diet and exercise in the healing process. In fact, the refrain repeated time and again is that there is no verifiable correlation between diet and cancer. That simply makes no sense to me. At the very least, our overall health is certainly affected by diet and exercise and if our bodies are stronger and healthier that must make a difference in our healing capacity. I’ve also watched with significant interest how there has been substantial new evidence that therapeutic keto has some real promise in providing impressive healing properties – particularly in battling cancer. This book lays that case out compellingly. Highly recommend it!

Prayer Focus This Week


I met Josh and Lynn Blackmore at Hope4Cancer in January of last year. They quickly became part of a support group that has been instrumental in my own healing journey. In our communication Lynn would typically add a hashtag to the end of her note/text #keeponhealing. It caught on and we would all begin to use it. Sadly, Lynn passed this week. Josh and her family are obviously heart-broken. We all are. Please remember them in your prayers. In Lynn’s honor I have decided to use her little hashtag as the title of the pastoral work I want to do in this space. Keep On Healing with Piet Van Waarde. It’s my hope to be of help to others such that they can live with joy/strength amid suffering in the same way that Lynn and Josh so courageously modeled before us.

A Joyful Friday Night

A Book Signing At Hutto Wine Bar

I have only done a few book-signings, and they are always a good time. This one was especially enjoyable, because it included the support of a young entrepreneur. I met Meg through the writing I do for a local magazine. She is a delightful and enthusiastic young lady with a real knack for business. She is very community-minded and when I talked to her about a book signing she was only too happy to oblige. We had a great time and a decent turnout. Thanks to all who took the time to come.

The discount we offered at the signing for the Pocket Prayer Devotional is still available on my website, and you can order HERE. A great gift for mom or your soon-to-be grad!

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