Black Sheep Diary

For too many years I felt like something was wrong with me because I didn’t naturally fit the mold of what I thought a good pastor ought to be. I carried a double dose of shame: I felt bad that I didn’t “fit in” as a pastor type and I also felt bad about having to hide my fullest, truest self to live up to that role. I felt like a black sheep in the back of the pen.

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Meet God right where you are

There are so many ways we can hear from God. Books, art, nature, and conversations are all ways that God meets us in the moment.

It’s my privilege to help people encounter God and integrate faith in their day-to-day lives. To help, I’ve curated thoughtful, biblical resources to help you discover meaningful spiritual rhythms that build strength and add depth to your life.


Have you ever struggled with consistency in prayer – perhaps partly because you are not exactly sure what you’d like to say to God? This devotional provides a short daily devotional based on a verse from the Bible and ends with a prayer you can keep in your ‘spiritual pocket’ to guide you throughout the day. It’s concise. Simple. Honest. An aid in living authentically before God as a very present help in and through it all!

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Could the unsettledness you’re feeling inside be your soul’s way of saying it needs a bit of attention If so, what does it mean, and what do you do about it? Depending on the season of your life, it probably means something different at each stage and therefore requires a different set of activities. This book is here to help you sort that out.

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Our greatest experiment was to try and do ministry as a team. It worked! It worked better than I imagined, but not without some heartache along the way. Even so, the lessons we learned about team development can be of value for others as well. It is a joy to be able to pass these lessons on. May those who are so inclined (and committed) to practice what is described in these pages, experience the joy and fruitfulness that we have experienced (hopefully, without the heartaches!).

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