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If we are going to walk together in a meaningful way, we should know each other’s story. Before I ask you to entrust me with yours, you have the right to know mine. It’s not neat. It’s messy. But perhaps that will make it easier to relate.

Having a black sheep story means that we know something about feeling out of place. We also know something about mercy and redemption. And just like God, he takes our misery and makes it our ministry.

My mission: to create a safe place for the black sheep

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Keep on Healing

This talk uses the backdrop of my own cancer journey to explore the topic of healing and wholeness. Many of us struggle with matters of health and fitness. We are well-intentioned but we always fall back to familiar patterns of ease and comfort. We all know we should be more disciplined, but we can’t seem to stay motivated. This talk addresses these perplexing questions, by providing a road map forward without resorting to condemnation or shaming.

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Falling without failing

Everyone will do something wrong. Everyone will say something wrong. Sometimes, that which we are convinced will be wildly successful— flops. But maturity takes the flops and failures of life and turns them into a pathway for success. How does that happen, both professionally and personally? What are the practices and disciplines that turn failure into something profoundly good?

This talk is built around the development and success of the rock hit “Smoke on the Water.”


Lead without losing your soul

Stress management and “burnout” are regular topics of conversation in modern work life. Is it even possible to be successful both at home and at work? This presentation describes the difference between “doable” and “dangerous” levels of tiredness, and the life rhythms that allow us to put our best selves forward— reducing the risk of losing what’s most important on the way to pursuing success


Developing the reluctant leader within you

When a leader improves, everyone wins. But what are the disciplines great leaders embrace and practice? This workshop takes you through a step-by-step process that not only describes the way leadership “works” but focuses on behavioral specifics that enhances leadership effectiveness for people across the leadership spectrum. This is the most requested talk for leadership development.

Black Sheep Diary

For too many years I felt like something was wrong with me because I didn’t naturally fit the mold of what I thought a good pastor ought to be. I carried a double dose of shame: I felt bad that I didn’t “fit in” as a pastor type and I also felt bad about having to hide my fullest, truest self to live up to that role. I felt like a black sheep in the back of the pen.

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Black Sheep Messenger Tour

Unfortunately, the negative connotation is deeply entrenched, and those who dare to think differently, or question the status quo are still labeled in a way that makes them feel unwanted and unneeded. In the church world, no one willingly embraces the black sheep label…  But maybe that needs to change.


One-on-one conversations

Sometimes all we need is someone to listen and walk with us as a friend. I’d love to be that person for you. Whether you’re navigating issues in your important relationships, wrestling with your faith, or anything in between, I hold space for your whole self, as you are.


Pocket prayer

So often, we feel like we have to go somewhere or do something to encounter God and experience growth. However, the core of the Christian message is that God came to us in the person of Jesus.

With Pocket Prayer, you’ll receive personally curated scripture and prayers sent right to your phone each morning to encourage, challenge, and strengthen you for the day ahead.


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Do you have a certain topic you’d like me to speak on that you don’t see here? Chances are, I’ve talked about it before and, if I haven’t, it’d be my honor to craft something special to share with you and your people.


Find your FLOCK

Faith was always meant to be done in community. Discover meaningful friendships and engage with God’s word together in a weekly virtual bible study. Big questions and black sheep welcome.