A Black Sheep Messenger

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pas·tor/ ˈpastər/ & chap·lain/ˈCHaplən/


1. To understand, listen, and empathize; to advise and console; to stand with and pray for one in their hour of need.

“In that moment when life stops making sense and you feel far from God, a pastor comes alongside as hope and help with skin on.”


2. To help a person navigate life’s complexities and challenges without being cliche’, judgmental, flippant, or simplistic;

3. To share a lived experience as a Pastor and Cancer Warrior with people who want someone who walks with them. 

I prefer the one-on-one interaction, going deeper with fewer. I want to have a personal relationship with you because I care about you and the journey you’re in. This is not for the mass this is a personal invite to a walk together. You matter to me.

Although I have been in ministry for most of my adult life, I have never really felt like I fit the mold of a typical pastor. I had a radical conversion experience as a young adult, but even as a devoted follower of Jesus, I always felt a bit like a Black Sheep. I used to be ashamed of that. I thought something was wrong with me.

However, over the years, I have come to embrace the calling of a Black Sheep Messenger, partly because I believe God created me for this task. Surprisingly, I have found numerous allies who don’t fit the mold of narrowly defined churchianity either.

Now that I am also a cancer patient who is endeavoring to walk out a healing journey that includes all the branches of God’s restorative paths – modern medicine, nutrition, holistic health care, and prayer – I once again find myself in that space outside the norm and I’m good with it.

If any of this resonates, perhaps we can walk together and be an encouragement to each other. For it truly is better together.

When the journey is difficult, boring, or tiresome, I’m here to help you continue saying “yes.” Not to chase after a false promise of ease and comfort, but to live a life in alignment with your values, where you experience significance and soul-satisfying depth and meaning.

I’m not here to give you a new set of rules to follow or hand out shallow answers. Instead, I’ll be a mirror to help you see yourself clearly, a sounding board for your deepest questions, and a companion to walk with you, side by side, into the next great chapter of your life.

That’s my story. I’d love to hear yours.