God Searched me at the lighthouse

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As a pastor of 32 years and a follower of Christ for ten more, I know that just because you’ve been strong in your faith at one point, doesn’t mean you’ll stay there.

For a lot of us, when we first encountered Jesus, it was all wonder, excitement, and joy. We found purpose. We found hope. We found healing.

As we mature over the years, as questions emerge, and, quite frankly, as a faithful life proves itself challenging, how do we preserve through all we’ve set out to do? How do we stay strong?

Sometimes it seems like the answer is outside of what we know to be true. We think, “maybe all that I’ve believed is not enough to carry me through.” What if, instead of looking elsewhere, we really committed to following through on what we already know on a deeper level?

When the journey is difficult, boring, or tiresome, I’m here to help you continue to say “yes.” Not in an effort to chase after a false promise of ease or non-stop happiness, but to live a life in alignment with your values, with rich significance and satisfying depth.

I’m not here to give you a new set of rules to follow or hand out shallow answers. Instead, I’ll be a mirror to help you see yourself clearly, a sounding board for your deepest questions, and a companion to walk with you, side by side, into the next great chapter of your life.

That’s my story. I’d love to hear yours.