Pocket Prayer Devotional Bundle

Pocket Prayer Devotional Bundle

“Even a black sheep knows that the soul needs to be fed…

But where?  By whom?  In what way?

Over the years, I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by prayer, and never thought I was much good at it.  Odd for a pastor to say.  What changed for me was I needed to become OK with praying simple and sincere prayers (not long and wordy ones).  Think there might even be a Bible verse about that.

I started writing them down and over time I began sharing them with others, and they started getting passed around.  I called them ‘pocket prayers’ and over the last year, I was challenged to turn them into a 365-day devotional.  So I did!

Pick up 4 copies for $99 plus $11 in handling fee, and we’ll send a free beanie along with it – a cap for your head and a prayer for your pockets!