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The Healing Chronicle

It was probably 10 years ago when I heard these words from Ruth Haley Barton, The best gift we give to the world is a healthy and whole you. I knew that was a significant statement, but I didn’t fully grasped the depth of it until I received my cancer diagnosis. Health and wholeness is always something we have to fight for. It doesn’t come easy. There are many things – both in the world and within our own hearts – that work against us. We need all the support we can get. This weekly newsletter is meant to help provide that. May these stories, poems, advice, and encouragement provide some of what you need.


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Relational Realities – Introduction

Introduction Love entered in my heart one dayA sad, unwelcome guest.But when it begged that it might stayI let it stay and rest It broke

Skinny Places – Finding God in Nature

Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist and a Christian apologist.  He makes the point that there are two great books that legitimize Christian belief – the

Skinny Places – Introduction

What have I become?My sweetest friendEveryone I know goes awayIn the end And you could have it allMy empire of dirtI will let you downI